When can I be interested in a coaching process?

I dedicate myself to carrying out coaching sessions with people who feel frustrated, low self-esteem, exhausted, socially pressured, unmotivated, overwhelmed, stressed, guilty ,... in order for them to get to know each other better, learn to better manage their time, find motivation , chase your dreams, and develop skills to overcome obstacles.

If you ask yourself any of these questions, contact me and we will do a first contextualization session for free. So you can see what coaching is and how it works to start a process of change and transformation.

  • - can't get a minute to myself

  • - would like to progress professionally

  • - don't know how to manage time

  • - find it difficult to achieve the goals I set for myself

  • - don't know how to organize myself to study

  • - want to improve my communication skills

  • - It's hard for me to say no

  • - I feel like I carry too much burden

  • - I have my hobbies forgotten


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